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United Way and Laridae
Scholarships for Local Non-Profit Leadership Development Program

The United Way of Peterborough and District, together with Laridae, launched a strategic partnership to increase community capacity through a new training program for senior leaders in the charitable and non-profit sector.

In order to make sure that the program is accessible to smaller, local non-profits, a scholarship opportunity has been developed where recipients receive up to 75% contributed to their registration fee.

This Leadership Development Program is designed for CEO’s, Executive Directors, senior management, and senior Board volunteers. Covering a range of topics including good governance, strategic clarity, risk management, succession planning, storytelling and readiness for change; the intent is to strengthen the non-profit sector through leadership development geared towards enhancing competencies. The training will be offered in six, 3-hour segments, in a classroom setting with facilitation from seasoned professionals.

Referring to the partnership United Way CEO Jim Russell stated, “We are pleased that scholarships will make the high level of leadership training provided by Laridae accessible to smaller local organizations.”

Danielle Rocheleau CEO of Laridae echoed the excitement, “Having worked with over 150 non-profits across the province, we are excited to launch our new Leadership Development Program locally. It gives us the opportunity to bring our experience back to our own community, and what better way to do this than in partnership with such a recognized community leader such as the United Way.”

United Way Peterborough & District has a mandate to invest in their community with the aim of helping vulnerable populations and building strong healthy communities.

Laridae is a leading management consultancy with the mission is the solve the non-profit and public sector’s toughest challenges; helps leaders implement change that lasts; and support organizational resiliency and sustainability so our clients can soar. Furthermore, being from Peterborough, Laridae has a strong commitment of reinvesting in our community.

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