Investing in Community

Your Leadership changes lives.

Leadership donors have the power to be instruments of change. They inspire others and create hope for tomorrow.

With a donation of $1,200 or more, our Leadership level donors are ready to drive change, willing to set a powerful example and become part of the solution to our community’s complex social issues. Our Leaders are passionate about leaving their mark on Peterborough & District by creating lasting change.

At United Way Peterborough & District, we pride ourselves in our continued success in adapting and responding to the changing landscape of the communities we serve. Each year, we recognize those who go above and beyond, who lead the way and allow us to continue supporting the people in our communities who rely on us. These generous community leaders are listed proudly in our ANNUAL REPORT.

Your Leadership gift changes lives.

Your gift of $1,200, or more, drives social change & sets a powerful example in your community.

Become a Leader Today.

Now is the perfect time to invest through your donation to United Way Peterborough & District. Check out our new Leadership Challenge to find out how you can double the impact of your gift.

New Leadership Challenge Grant 

Leadership donors are instruments of change. They inspire others and create opportunities for tomorrow. That’s why we’re asking you to make a Leadership donation of $1,200 or more to United Way this year. To quickly recover from the many social, economic, and emotional effects of the pandemic, we need community members willing to lead the way.

How you can help

We’re asking you to play this vital role today by supporting our 3-year campaign to raise $5 million by 2023. A Leadership gift made directly to United Way helps us meet the needs of today and to break down systemic barriers in the way of a more equitable tomorrow.

Now, thanks to a donation from a generous supporter, United Way Leadership donors can now increase the impact of their donations.

Between November 1, 2021, and March 31, 2022, new Leadership donors who are either making a one time gift or pledging through installments $1,200 or more in the current campaign will see their donation matched, up to a total of $200,000. Donors who are already giving $1,200 or more annually and who add at least $300 to their gift will also have their increase matched.


What is the Leadership Challenge Grant (LCG)?

The LCG is made possible by a generous donor who wanted to leave a special legacy to make our community a safer and healthier place for all. Currently the donor remains anonymous.

How can I double my impact?

1. Make your first gift of $1,200+ to United Way Peterborough & District and 100% of it will be matched.
2. If you are already a Leadership donor and you increase your gift by $300 or more, that increase will be matched. For example, if you gave $2,000 last year and give $2,500 this year, your $500 increase will be matched.

How long will the LCG be available?

The LCG will double the impact of all new and increased leadership gifts made between November 1, 2021 and March 31, 2022 up to a maximum of $200,000.

Can my impact be doubled if I designate my gift to another UW or Charity?

To qualify for our LCG your gift must be made to United Way Peterborough & District.

Will the match impact my tax receipt?

No, your tax receipt will be for your personal donation amount only.

Can I designate my additional impact?

Donors making gifts of $10,000+ will be invited to review United Way Peterborough & District community impact initiatives and may choose to direct their gift to an initiative that is meaningful to them.

When will the matched funds be used in the community?

The matched funds will be released in the coming fiscal year following receipt of your gift or pledged donation.

How will I be recognized for my Leadership giving?

Each year, we recognize those who lead the way in our Annual Report. Of course, you may choose to remain anonymous if this is your preference, but we have found added value when our most generous donors also lead openly by example.

Last year, United Way Peterborough & District provided critical funding to 103 programs through 51 local agencies to provide much needed support for people during the height of the pandemic.

Though the donor who has made this grant possible is currently anonymous CEO Jim Russell shares, “The legacy of this gift will be to leverage new community support. As we continue to recover from the COVID pandemic it is critical that we ensure help continues to be there for people in need, when and where they need it most.” Says Russell, “We’re asking those in our community, who are able, to play a vital role today by supporting our 3-year campaign to raise $5 million by 2023. A Leadership gift made to United Way helps to meet the needs of today and to break down systemic barriers in the way of a more equitable tomorrow.”

Leadership donors give $1,200 or more annually to the local community through United Way.  This program, initiated in 1997, is the fasted growing area of the campaign with 197 Leadership donors contributing more than $440,000 in 2020

For more information on ways to give, contact Anne Ondercin

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