Make Your Gift Go Further

Together, we can lift our region’s most vulnerable people out of the daily struggles that make life challenging. When you become a monthly donor, your gift makes an even bigger impact on our communities.

By donating every month, you can provide year-round support to help:

  • a child receive educational support after school.
  • a senior access nutritional support and a virtual day program that keeps them healthy and socially connected.
  • a person receive dedicated counselling support to help them address their mental health challenges.

Why You’ll Love Monthly Giving

Sustainability – Your monthly gift provides United Way with the reliable funds needed to fuel lasting change in our region. Even better? Monthly donations have lower administrative costs than other fundraising methods, meaning your gift goes further.

Planning Ahead – Setting up a fixed monthly donation makes your long-term planning and budgeting easier. Your gift will be hard at work each and every month, helping to build stronger, healthier, safer communities for all.

Your donation is in good hands

We invest your gift in smart, strategic ways, to ultimately move the needle.

100% Local Impact
Every donation is put to work in the community where it is raised.

Issues You Care About
Poverty. Isolation. Homelessness. Together, we can tackle the issues that seem impossible to solve.

We mobilize the power of our communities to deliver on outcomes that make life measurably better for local people. We make sure at-risk kids are on track to graduate, seniors are less isolated, people with disabilities and newcomers have job skills and employment, people in crisis and with mental health challenges have access to immediate support, youth housing needs are met, and much more.


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