Laridae and United Way Continue to Support Non-Profits with Leadership Development Program

Laridae and United Way of Peterborough & District are announcing that they will bring back Laridae’s popular Leadership Development Program in 2022, extending their strategic partnership to increase community capacity in the non-profit sector.

Enrollment is open now until January 26, 2022. Spaces are limited. Scholarships are available for leaders of local small- and medium-sized non-profit organizations.

“The intentional time to connect to other leaders and discuss these topics was important. We rarely have those opportunities so I very much valued that connection.”

           – Christian Harvey, Executive Director, One City Peterborough

Building on Success

Over the last few years, Laridae has guided leaders from over 40 organizations through its online, interactive Leadership Development Program. Grounded in Laridae’s extensive experience providing guidance to organizations in the non-profit sector, and the team’s years of experience leading online training, this program has proven to be a hit.

“Going through the training with a senior manager was particularly helpful… It initiated a lot of follow-up discussions between us… I think Laridae did a great job virtually, and I don’t feel that we missed out at all.”

– Karen Wilson, Executive Director, EPC Jobs

In response to the positive feedback of participants — and to the ongoing demand for this unique kind of support — Laridae and United Way Peterborough & District have decided to offer the program again in 2022.

Non-profit leaders of small and medium-sized organizations will again have the opportunity to strengthen leadership skills, increase their capacity, and build community.

“The tools and resources I received are directly applicable, useful, and produce tangible results in my work.”

– Dawn McColl, Assistant Executive Director, VCCS Employment Services

Danielle Rocheleau, CEO of Laridae, echoed the excitement of the recent graduates, “We are so pleased to be continuing our partnership with United Way Peterborough for a third year to make our Leadership Development Program accessible to even more leaders in the City and County of Peterborough. Together, we continue working towards our shared vision of supporting local non-profit organizations and building capacity across our community.”

This Leadership Development Program for Non-Profits is designed for Executive Directors, CEO’s, senior managers, and board volunteers in non-profit organizations and is designed to cover topics that are most relevant to today’s non-profit leaders, including:

  • Good governance
  • Strategic clarity
  • Risk management
  • Succession planning
  • Storytelling for non-profits
  • Readiness for change

The intent is to strengthen the non-profit sector through leadership development geared towards enhancing essential competencies.

Scholarship Opportunities for Peterborough Non-Profits

In order to make sure that the program is accessible to smaller, local non-profits, a scholarship opportunity has been developed where recipients receive up to 75% contributed to their registration fee.

Referring to the partnership, United Way CEO Jim Russell stated, “We are pleased that scholarships will make the high level of leadership training provided by Laridae accessible to smaller local organizations.”

For more information, or to enroll in the program, click HERE.

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