EXTRA’s Armchair Quarterback

It is truly time for people to put their money where their mouth is!

“EXTRA’s Armchair Quarterback for the United Way” is a chance for YOU to bid on

an appearance on EXTRA 90.5 to chat sports.

Should Mitch Marner get $11 million? Who should win AL Rookie of the Year?

Are the Lakers going to win three straight Mann Cups?

Gretzky or Orr?

You choose the topic and battle it out with our experts.

Each week there will be a widely promoted auction with a minimum bid of $50.

At the end of the week, whoever has bid the most money will win an hour of talk time during

‘Mercier N Crew’, which airs weekdays between 3 and 6 p.m.

Click here to fill out the form to place your bid.

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