Fleming Students Showcase Creative Ideas To Raise Awareness about Homelessness

Jim Russell CEO of the United Way of Peterborough and District joined students and faculty from Fleming College to showcase the work of students in the Graphic Design and Visual Communications Program.

This was the second year that a class from the program has worked with the United Way to develop marketing and communications concepts, applying the skills and knowledge they have learned to a “real world experience.”

Matt Stimpson, one of two course instructors, said of the experience, “it was important to push the students this year and we were excited to have them focus on the issue of homelessness in our community.”

Students Meagan Pollard and Kim Russell led the presentations with a concept that focused on myth busting stereotypes about people experiencing homelessness, including the notion that “I chose to be homeless.”

Coming a close second was the student team of Emma Clark, Alex Macneill, Max Dickomeit with a campaign that focused on “Stop Ignoring It” which presented the idea of physical installations, cars, bus shelters, and asked people to see these as makeshift homes.

“Off the hook fantastic!” an impressed Russell proclaimed. “what impressed me the most beyond the creativity, is the sensitivity with which all the students approached the task.”

Joining students as well was Fleming College President Maureen Adamson, who highlighted the role that Fleming plays in preparing students for the workforce and adding “we are proud of all our faculty and the students we graduate.”

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