United Way Campaign Chases Final 4%

As we near the end of the 2017 Campaign, United Way volunteers and staff are excited by the current success. With three weeks to go before celebration on March 29th, the Campaign is within 4% of its $1.85 million goal.

Neil Morton, 2017 Campaign chair is stoked. “We are not done yet! I am so grateful for the hard work and commitment of this year’s Cabinet and we are pushing hard to the very end to achieve our goal.”

Bob Gauvreau, #5KChallenge Champion and vice-chair, is asking community leaders to join the effort by donating $5K in the final weeks of the Campaign. Gauvreau is hoping for “a final surge of community effort.”

It’s not just individual donors, local workplaces have spent months fundraising through events and payroll deductions. “The energy and effort at our local workplace Campaigns has been astounding.” praises Lisa Smith, Director of Philanthropic Impact. There is still time to give. Visit the United Way Peterborough website for details.

Jim Russell, CEO, remarked on the excitement building around the two new funding streams recently announced by United Way. “Our Innovation fund and Neighbourhood fund are designed to support grassroots projects and to pilot new ideas in the community. It’s this ground-breaking work that is supported by our Campaign.”  Russell noted that $100K in new funding is currently available to the community.  Click here for application information. Applications are due March 9th at 5pm.

We invite you to join us for our Campaign Celebration on March 29th. Click here to purchase tickets!

For Further information, contact:
Jim Russell CEO

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