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Robbie Ham and Daughter

Peterbio: Robert Hamm 
by Lance Anderson, Peterborough this Week

Former addict bounces back to care for his daughter and assist others to get help

Robert Hamm spent Christmas Day 2014 in a jail cell. It was his self-described, rock bottom.

But thanks to your donations to United Peterborough & District, he found a new life for him and his daughter.

“He enrolled in every course available through the John Howard Society, Community Counselling and Resource Centre, FourCAST and the Salvation Army. Many of these programs are funded by the United Way of Peterborough and District, programs that helped Hamm change, eventually becoming Reah Jo’s full-time parent.”  Click here to read more about Robert’s inspiring journey.

There is still time to give to our current Campaign and help others in our community.

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Rob Hamm at podium

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