Jim Russell, CEO – One of Peterborough’s Top 20 Most Influential

Peterborough This Week’s annual Top 20 includes a familiar face this year. Jim Russell, CEO United Way Peterborough & District hit this year’s list at number 6.

“The collection of names and personalities is a definitive guide to the power structure of this community. While some will (and have) taken exception to who cracked our top 20, few can argue with the impact each individual has on shaping our community,” says the local paper’s Editor, Mike Lacey.

Mr. Russell shared the Top 20 with a selection of local politicians, philanthropists, business minds, lobbyists and a young scientist who also made Canada’s Top 20 under 20 for his research on cancer treatment.

“The depth of commitment and influence in our community is certainly much larger than 20. I am sure everyone on the list would agree what a privilege it is to serve and live in such a fine place as Peterborough,” says Russell.

Jim arrived in Peterborough almost 3 years ago to assume the CEO position at United Way and has been frequently quoted for wanting this to be his last job.

“It’s always humbling to be recognized, especially among a group of such august peers, but I credit the hard work of United Way staff, Board, volunteers, and the hard work of our leaders among our partner agencies who deliver such tremendous service to the community,” Russell added.

Top 20 selection criteria includes;

  •  Candidates must live in the City or County of Peterborough
  •  The decisions they make impact a large number of individuals
  •  They are leaders within their respective fields
  •  They increase the chances of a project’s success by becoming involved.
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