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United Way Campaign Hits 95% of Goal (Peterborough This Week, Jan 24, 2014

United Way 5% Short of Goal (Peterborough Examiner, Jan 24, 2014)

United Way Heading Over The Top (Peterborough Examiner, Jan 15, 2014)

United Way Campaign Falling Short (Peterborough This Week, Jan 15, 2014)

Healthy Contribution to United Way (Peterborough Examiner, Dec 19, 2013)

Why Envy a Goddess When You Can Easily Be One? (Peterborough This Week, Dec 18, 2013)

United Way Closing in on Campaign Goal (90.5 Extra Talk Sports, Dec 18, 2013)

United Way Has Raised $1.8M of $2.5M Goal (Peterborough This Week, Dec 18, 2013)

Handel’s Messiah Staged Tonight in Peterborough (Peterborough This Week, Dec 16, 2013)

Having a Ball for the United Way (Peterborough Examiner, Dec 6, 2013)

City Staff Top United Way Goal by $6.7K (Peterborough Examiner, Dec 6, 2013)

Money Keeps Rolling in for United Way (Peterborough This Week, Dec 6, 2013)

Singing Praises of United Way (Chex TV, Nov 22, 2013)

One Million and Counting for the United Way (Peterborough This Week, Nov 20, 2013)

United Way Offers Campaign Update (Peterborough Examiner, Nov 20, 2013)

Big Praise for the Housing and Homelessness Plan (Peterborough This Week, Nov 13, 2013)

Get Homeless Off Streets: Doris (Peterborough Examiner, Nov 13, 2013)

Soupy Sales for United Way (Peterborough Examiner, Nov 6, 2013)

Labour Activism Celebrated   (Peterborough Examiner, Nov 2, 2013)

Coats for Kids (Peterborough Examiner, Nov 2, 2013)

Fundraiser to Serve Canadian Gourmet (Peterborough Examiner, Nov 2, 2013)

Starlight Overnight Film Festival Hits the Screen Friday (Peterborough This Week, Oct 20, 2013)

Pulling Apart to Move United Way Forward (Peterborough Examiner, Oct 11, 2013)

Fleming College Vs. Trent University For The United Way (Northumberland View, Oct 8, 2013)

United Way 2013: The Chair- People, Real People, Fuel Campaign Engine (Peterborough This Week, Oct 4, 2013)

United Way 2013: The Goal – One More, Please (Peterborough This Week, Oct 4, 2013)

United Way 2013: The Energy – Campaign Spirit Is Buoyed By ‘The Magic’ (Peterborough This Week, Oct 4, 2013)

United Way 2013: The Success – Nicole’s Inspiring Rebound Is No Mistake (Peterborough This Week, Oct 4, 2013)

‘One More’ Gives Power to The Number One (Peterborough Examiner, Sept 29, 2013)

United Way Campaign off and Running Towards Goal of $2,500,001 (Peterborough This Week, Sept 24, 2013)

United Way Goal Set at $2,500,001 (Peterborough Examiner, Sept 24, 2013)

Come out to the Jack McGee’s “Drive for a Cause” event (Peterborough This Week, Sept 18, 2013

Day of Caring Crew Paints YES Anew (Peterborough This Week, Sept 17, 2013)

See Northumberland from Your Bicycle Seat (Northumberland Today, Sept 12, 2013)

MNR Ready to Ride for the United Way (Peterborough Examiner, Sept 10, 2013)

United Way Launches “Impact Peterborough” (Magic 96.7fm, Aug 8, 2013)

United Way Turns to Public as it Charts its Future Course (Peterborough Examiner, Aug 8, 2013

United Way Needs Your Help to Make an IMPACT. (Peterborough This Week, Aug 8, 2013)

Paint The Town Red Raises $9000 (Peterborough This Week, Jul 19, 2013)

Mayor Doubles Donations to Bring Paint The Town Red Tally to $9000 for United Way (Peterborough Examiner, Jul 19, 2013)

Eateries Plan to Paint The Town Red for the United Way (Peterborough Examiner, Jul 15, 2013)

United Way, Downtown Restaurants Painting The Town Red (Peterborough This Week, Jul 15, 2013)

Peterborough Restaurants “Paint The Town Red” with Generosity (kawarthaNOW, Jul 11, 2013)

Kawarthas Northumberland Classic in Support of the United Way (Northumberland View, Jun 6, 2013)

United Way Recognizes Efforts of Team (, May 26, 2013)

Students GIVE a Little Bit (Peterborough Examiner, Apr 12, 2013)

PeterBIO: Tom Bennett   (Peterborough This Week, Apr 3, 2013)

2013 Campaign Chair Announcement (Peterborough & District United Way – YouTube: Mar 13, 2013)

Realtor and Rotarian Tom Bennett to lead next United Way campaign (Peterborough This Week, Mar 13, 2013)

United Way to review whether all agencies should continue to receive funding   (Peterborough Examiner, Mar 13, 2013)

United Way names Tom Bennett new campaign chair (Peterborough Examiner, Mar 12, 2013)

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