Lisa Trefzger

Lisa Trefzger Clarke brings over three decades of dedication to education, research, communications, social justice, and community development. Her diverse interests span 2SLGBTQIA+ and youth engagement, public education, anti-racism/anti-oppression, resiliency, transformative learning, developmental disabilities, STE[A]M learning, and Indigenous-settler relations. Currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Canadian Studies at Trent University, Lisa's focus centers on Education, Gender, and Social Justice.

As a queer, disabled mother and wife, Lisa's personal journey intertwines with her professional endeavors. Born to German and German-Jewish immigrants, her multifaceted identity informs her approach to advocacy and support. Formerly serving as the Executive Director of the Kawartha Assault Sexual Centre, Lisa's responsibilities ranged from public education, community development, and leadership in addressing gender-based violence.

Lisa's own experience of coming out catalyzed a profound shift in perspective. She navigated the complexities of loss, healing, and resilience, shaping her future trajectory. Leading workshops aimed at enhancing skills, knowledge, and awareness, Lisa addresses intersections between substance use, stigma, mental illness, and trauma. Her leadership is marked by respect, a gentle demeanor, and profound understanding, embodying a commitment to fostering inclusive, supportive communities.

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