Cheyenne Buck

Cheyenne Buck is a multifaceted force for positive change, seamlessly blending her roles as a musician, advocate, and community-builder. With a heart set on fostering inclusivity and belonging, Cheyenne's journey has led her to her current position as the Drop-In Coordinator at Trinity Community Centre with One City Peterborough.

In her previous role, Cheyenne orchestrated the meal and drop-in program at One Roof, leaving an indelible mark even after its closure in November 2023. Her unwavering commitment and creative spirit have fueled the ongoing evolution of the Drop-In Program at Trinity, where she orchestrates a daily sanctuary for approximately 150 individuals, offering not just sustenance but a warm embrace of community support.

At the core of Cheyenne's approach is a philosophy of "leading with love," a mantra that guides her tireless efforts in fostering safety and inclusivity for all who seek refuge in the space she cultivates. She champions those often marginalized, as evidenced by her recent initiative to honor the LGBTQ+ community through a pride/trans flag hanging ceremony, a poignant gesture of solidarity and recognition.

Cheyenne's impact extends beyond symbolism; she has spearheaded a thriving community meal program, serving an astonishing 200 meals daily to those most in need, all without the luxury of funding or a commercial kitchen onsite. This initiative seamlessly fills the void left by One Roof Community Centre, underscoring Cheyenne's resourcefulness and determination in meeting the community's most pressing needs.

In every endeavor, Cheyenne embodies a transformative, love-driven leadership style, inspiring movements rooted in wellness, compassion, and connection. Through her unwavering dedication, she continues to carve out spaces where every individual feels not just accepted, but truly embraced—a testament to the profound power of her vision and her unwavering commitment to building a better, more inclusive world.

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