Ann MacLeod

Ann MacLeod is a dedicated nurse practitioner with a wealth of experience spanning across Canada, New Zealand, and the U.S. Her journey in nursing has taken her through diverse settings, from hospitals to community-based initiatives, both in urban hubs and rural landscapes. With a background primarily in pediatrics and public health, Ann's career has evolved to focus on community health promotion, primary care research, and teaching.

Since settling in Peterborough in 2000, Ann has been an integral part of the Trent Fleming School of Nursing, where she has imparted her knowledge through clinical and theoretical courses. Her teachings emphasize the care of older adults, community health, and primary care, reflecting her deep commitment to serving this demographic.

Beyond the classroom, Ann's impact resonates in her extensive involvement with various community projects and organizations. She and her students have contributed to initiatives such as Age-friendly Peterborough, the YES shelter, and Indigenous cultural awareness programs for healthcare providers. Her research delves into qualitative community-based approaches, exploring the nexus between health professionals, volunteers, and families in enhancing the well-being of older adults.

Ann's dedication extends beyond professional realms; she is deeply engaged in community capacity building and advocacy for health equity. Serving on numerous boards, including the 360 Nurse Practitioner Led Clinic, and advisory boards for Central East Home and Community Care Support Services and Seniors Care Network, she consistently champions the needs of the most vulnerable. Her volunteer work with Government Assisted Refugees showcases her commitment to social responsibility and inclusivity.

Locally, Ann is known as the nurturing force behind the Teacher's College neighborhood. As a community builder of the street, she fosters a sense of community through annual gatherings and neighborhood activities, enhancing both mental well-being and safety. Her approachable nature and genuine concern for others make her a trusted advisor during times of transition and difficulty.

In essence, Ann MacLeod embodies the essence of nursing excellence, blending academic prowess with compassionate care and social responsibility. Through her impactful work in Peterborough and beyond, she not only transforms lives but also inspires future generations of nurses to follow in her footsteps.

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