Frequently Asked Questions

Do funds raised by United Way Peterborough & District stay in the community?

Your investment goes far, but not far away! Unless directed by the donor to another United Way or registered charity, all donations stay right here in the City and County of Peterborough to help address the key social issues identified by our community.

How much of my donation does UWP use for fundraising and administration costs?

Fundraising and related administration costs for 2012 were 19.3 per cent of the total funds raised. This is among the lowest costs of fundraising for registered charities in Canada. By comparison, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) considers 35 per cent to be an acceptable standard. Our 2013 annual campaign costs are expected to be in the similar range. As a registered Canadian charity, United Way is obliged to file a T3010 report with CRA annually, detailing all of its fundraising, administration, executive compensation and other costs. The latest CRA T3010 data can be found at Every dollar donated and every dollar spent is accounted for in our independently audited financial statements contained in our annual report.

Why should I donate to United Way Peterborough & District?

For more than 70 years, United Way has been defining and funding the most pressing and emerging needs in this community representing one of the most extensive collaborative approaches to create lasting change. It is the most effective and efficient way to advance the common good. When you invest in your community through United Way, you can trust that your dollars are being strategically invested where they are needed most.

United Way brings together all areas of community – business, government, academia, labour and others – to address social issues at the root cause and develop effective, long-term strategies to solve them.


If you have any other questions please give us a call at 705-742-8839 or email


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United Way Peterborough & District is inviting nominations for the Scholfield Award of Community Distinction. This award was established to recognize an individual or organization for their outstanding contribution and ability to mobilize change within our community. “Through their excellent leadership, the award recipient energizes and inspires people to come together to make a lasting…

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