United Way Rolls Out The Red Carpet Showing Its #LocalLove

PETERBOROUGH, ON – The Red Carpet was rolled out and the stars of Peterborough packed the sold-out United Way annual Campaign celebration today in the Nexicom studio at Showplace Performance Centre.

Striking an Oscar theme, the room was awash in candlelight, balloons, and golden chocolate bunnies taking the place of actual Oscar awards. An ebullient Megan Murphy, the 2018 Campaign Chair, noted her gratitude stating, “my heart has been full with the stories I have heard, and the outpouring of this community.”

Highlights of the celebration included a walk down a red carpet, and a paparazzi photo booth, where red boas, red sunglasses, and red fedoras were donned for pictures. In addition, seven short films all produced and directed by Murphy entitled 50 People One Peterborough, played during the lunch which was provided by, By the Bridge Catering.

Murphy, born and raised in Peterborough, is a renowned actor and documentary film maker who brought her directorial eye to this year’s campaign, emphasizing the “power of story”. Each film started with a single question, such as “what does home mean to you.” Reactions were thoughtful, funny, heartbreaking, life affirming, and always a reminder of the deep humanity in us all.

A guerilla campaign called “Chalk Talk” was marked by four large chalk boards placed in various locations throughout the city. Each board had a conversation starter, such as “I’m Inspired By…” and people were invited to chalk up their ideas and reactions.

 This year was a show of 100% Local Love. An effusive Jim Russell, CEO of the United Way of Peterborough and District announced that this year’s campaign achieved, $1,735,000.

“This year’s success allows us to continue our current commitment to our 46 funded partners and projects and we are thrilled to be able to continue our current level of investment in the community.  Thank you Peterborough for showing 100% Local Love.”

A sea of red signs with the name of every partner and project was held up to demonstrate the breadth of investment across the sector and community.

The 2019 Campaign Chair will be announced on April 4th.


For more information, please contact;
Jim Russell, CEO
United Way Peterborough & District
T: 705-742-8839
E: jrussell@uwpeterborough.ca

Stay tuned for more event photos!

Scholfield Award 2019 Nominations Now Open!

Scholfield Award of Community Distinction

Recognizing and celebrating outstanding volunteer contributions to the City and County of Peterborough.

United Way of Peterborough & District’s Scholfield Award of Community Distinction was established to recognize an individual or organization for their outstanding contribution and ability to mobilize positive change within our community. Through their excellent leadership, the award recipient will energize and inspire people to come together to make a lasting difference in the City and County of Peterborough.


The Board of Directors of United Way Peterborough and District will select a recipient based on the following criteria:

  • Achievement: The nominee achieved progress in addressing a community need or issue
  • Impact: The nominee’s impact on the community was significant
  • Approach: The nominee used an innovative, unique or exemplary approach
  • Mobilization: The nominee mobilized members of the community
  • Involvement: The nominee demonstrated a strong commitment, whether long-term or a first-time involvement
  • Leadership: The nominee demonstrated leadership in addressing a community need or issue

In 2004, Paul and Ina Scholfield were the first recipients of this award. The Scholfield’s have been long-time philanthropists and community builders. Through their generosity and commitment, they lead by example, typifying the spirit of community building. Other recipients of this award include: Marion Burton, Faith Dickinson, Stephen Kylie, Marie Bongard, Sharon Courts, Paul Lafond, People First, John Martyn, Bill Strode, Roy Brady, Survivors Abreast, John McNutt and Special Olympics – Peterborough.

This award is open to any resident or organization within the boundaries of the city and county of Peterborough.  Any individual or representative of national, provincial, regional or local organizations may nominate a candidate.

 Submit your nominations on this form

Nominations must be submitted by 4 pm, March 15th, 2019 to the United Way Peterborough & District office at:

277 Stewart Street, Peterborough, ON  K9J 3M8
Phone: 705-742-8839     Fax: 705-742-9186
Email: erichmond@uwpeterborough.ca

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Click here for Nomination Form.