Patti Clancy

Patti Clancy's journey embodies the essence of compassionate leadership and community stewardship. With over four decades of experience as a dedicated caregiver, she has left an indelible mark on both her profession and the lives of those she serves.

Graduating from nursing in 1978, Patti's career trajectory was marked by her unwavering commitment to providing holistic, family-centered care. Her tenure as the first nursing coordinator at Nightingale Nursing registry laid the foundation for her entrepreneurial endeavors. Recognizing the need for a locally owned agency that could cater to diverse community needs, Patti embarked on a mission to create something truly impactful.

This mission materialized in the form of Agape and later, Kawartha Home & Healthcare Services Inc. Through these ventures, Patti addressed crucial gaps in community healthcare provision, offering affordable, reliable services with a commitment to excellence. Her dedication to ensuring access to government services and consideration of financial needs exemplify her advocacy for comprehensive and accessible healthcare for all.

Patti's impact extends beyond the realms of business. She is a champion for underrepresented groups, particularly women, providing support to those fleeing domestic violence and facing adversity. Her mentorship initiatives uplift women in both business and life, fostering empowerment and success.

Moreover, Patti's philanthropic endeavors underscore her commitment to community well-being. Through initiatives like Peterborough's Got Talent and her personal donations to local organizations, she fosters inclusivity and supports those in need.

Patti's contributions have not gone unnoticed. Her spotlight by IBSIG and recognition as the face of EntrepreNURSEship highlight her exemplary leadership and dedication to empowering individuals within the healthcare system.

In recognition of her outstanding achievements, Patti Clancy is a deserving recipient of the Women of Impact Award. Her visionary leadership, compassionate care, and unwavering dedication to creating positive change make her a beacon of inspiration in both healthcare and the community at large.

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