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Scholfield Award of Community Distinction – Nominations now open!

United Way Peterborough & District is inviting nominations for the Scholfield Award of Community Distinction.

This award was established to recognize an individual or organization for their outstanding contribution and ability to mobilize change within our community. “Through their excellent leadership, the award recipient energizes and inspires people to come together to make a lasting difference in the City and County of Peterborough,” says Jim Russell, CEO, United Way Peterborough and District. Nominations close March 15, 2017 and the award will be presented during National Volunteer Week (April 23 – 29th, 2017).

“Volunteers are a diverse group of people who create a ripple effect of inspiration and generosity.  It just makes sense to honour those who go above and beyond in their contributions to our community during National Volunteer Week.” added Russell.

In 2004, Paul and Ina Scholfield were the first recipients of this award. The Scholfield’s have been long-time philanthropists and community builders. Through their generosity and commitment, they lead by example, typifying the spirit of community building. Other recipients of this award include: Stephen Kylie, Marie Bongard, Sharon Courts, Paul Lafond, People First, John Martyn, Bill Strode, Roy Brady, Survivors Abreast, John McNutt and Special Olympics – Peterborough.

The Scholfield Award is open to any resident or organization within the boundaries of the City and County of Peterborough. Nominees are evaluated based on their achievement, commitment and leadership in addressing community needs or issues; the impact of their efforts; their innovative, unique or exemplary approach; and their success in mobilizing members of our community.

Nomination Forms must be submitted no later than 4pm March 15, 2017 to:

erichmond@uwpeterborough.ca or to the United Way office at 277 Stewart Street, Peterborough.


 For more information, please contact;
Jim Russell, CEO
United Way Peterborough & District
T: 705-742-8839
E: jrussell@uwpeterborough.ca

2017 Scholfield Award

2017 Scholfield Award

Still Time to Give – United Way Campaign Currently at 85%

In conjunction with Trent University’s exciting campaign achievement, United Way Peterborough & District CEO, Jim Russell, announced the community has currently raised just over $1.7 million. Trent University’s campaign result of just over $75,000 was instrumental in reaching this point in the campaign. Jim was joined by Julie Davis, Vice-President, External Relations & Advancement, at Trent University to make this inspiring announcement.

Russell also advised that United Way’s annual community campaign celebration will now take place at the end of March. Jim Russell explained “In 2015 our Board decided to move our fiscal year end to March 31 – moving our campaign announcement aligns with that change and allows us to plan more effectively using actual campaign results.” The 2016 Campaign Announcement will take place on March 30 at the Holiday Inn from noon-1pm.

Russell also highlighted that this move means there is Still Time To Give to the 2016 United Way Community Campaign. Russell emphasised that “when individuals and workplace donors combine their gifts, no matter the size, we are able to make a lasting impact on the community. Already we have seen what the generosity of this community can do to create possibility for those who are struggling. We have a 75 year history of working with donors and partner agencies to make a difference.”

Funds raised during United Way’s campaign supports efforts throughout Peterborough County & City to create opportunities for families struggling with poverty, helping youth to reach their potential through educational supports and life skills training, and ensuring Peterborough is a healthy and vibrant community.

Year-end donations can may be made directly to United Way of Peterborough & District by calling 705-742-8839 or donating online by visiting United Way‘s Web site at uwpeterborough.ca or visiting the United Way office at 277 Stewart Street.

Stephen Kylie Awarded United Way’s Scholfield Award of Community Distinction

United Way of Peterborough and District today announced the 2016 recipient of the Scholfield Award of Community Distinction. The annual award was established to recognize an individual or organization for their outstanding contribution and ability to mobilize change within the community.


This year’s recipient was renowned community leader and lawyer Stephen Kylie. On hand for the presentation was selection committee member and United Way Board member David Wills, who stated, “There were a number of outstanding nominees, and at the end of the day Stephen was the unanimous choice of the committee.”


Adding an air of special seemliness the original recipients and award namesake Paul and Ina Scholfield were on hand to witness the presentation. Board Chair David Fell noted, “The commitment of volunteers to our community is unparalleled, and the quality of leadership demonstrated by Mr. and Mrs Schofield all the way through these last 12 years, to today’s recipient Steve Kylie, demonstrates that fact.”


Taking a lighter air, CEO Jim Russell noted that “at some point Steve is just going to have to start turning down awards and accolades, just out of fairness to others,” a reference to the fact that Mr. Kylie most recently won the Chamber’s Business person of the year as well as being appointed the incoming Chair of Trent University.


Past award recipients have been Bill Strode, John Martyn, People First, Survivors Abreast, Marie Bongard, and Roy Brady.


The Community Campaign Continues until January 19, 2016 and members of the public are encouraged to donate.



United Way Peterborough Surpasses 1 Million Dollar Mark with City of Peterborough Workplace Announcement

Peterborough City Hall Council Chambers was the location for an important campaign milestone for United Way Peterborough and the Community. Gwyneth James, 2016 Campaign Chair, was on hand to thank 25 City of Peterborough workplace campaign committee members who surpassed their fundraising goal, helping to push United Way Peterborough past the 1 million mark. James expressed both her pride and gratitude by stating “I am so proud of this community and I thank you for all your hard work on this year’s campaign.”


Mayor Bennett brought greetings on behalf of the City and spoke to the important work of the City’s annual campaign. “It is hard work to pick a goal every year and then try to do a little bit better and I thank the committee for their hard work.”  A cheque was presented to United Way in the amount of $75,822. This amount now brings the total United Way Community Campaign to just over 1 million dollars.


United Way CEO Jim Russell noted that this is the point in the Community Campaign when larger workplaces are wrapping up. Russell said “For the last 5 years the City has hit its goal and we look forward to our larger workplaces that haven’t finished yet to help bring us home.” Included in this list are Trent University, General Electric, Fleming College and PRHC.


With only weeks left in the Campaign the public are reminded that they can make donations online at www.uwpeterborough.ca or by calling 705-742-8839 or in person 277 Stewart St. These donations help to create hope and possibility for close to 60,000 people living in our community.

We are hiring: Labour Programs and Services Development Officer

Position Title: Labour Programs and Services Development Officer

Reports to: Director, Philanthropic Impact, President Peterborough & District Labour Council & the Canadian Labour Congress Representative

Position Summary:

The United Way operates as an open, dynamic, high functioning team that values resourcefulness, creativity, and integrity. Our goal is to mobilize resources to build a stronger community. The incumbent actively advances a stakeholder-centric culture and utilizes stakeholder input to drive organizational decisions.

The Labour Programs and Services Development Officer facilitates a closer working relationship among LC and CLC affiliated unions, the United Way of Peterborough & District, and community organizations with the goal of building stronger and healthier communities. The Labour Programs and Services Development Officer is critical to fulfilling the shared mission of United Way and the labour movement by working with the local labour community to actively support the work of the United Way. The Officer plays an important role in supporting United Way’s community development efforts by overseeing and supporting the organization’s community impact and investment activities.

Labour Programs and Services Development Officers manage a portfolio of relationships and revenue generation partnerships. The Labour Programs and Services Development Officer plays a critical role in developing relationships on behalf of United Way and in fostering a social justice culture in the community. In close collaboration with the Director, Philanthropic Impact, the Labour Development Officer assists in implementation of strategic directions and ensures revenue generation and impact operations are within approved policy guidelines agreed upon by all parties in the partnership.

Key Duties & Responsibilities:

Leadership of Labour Program and Services

  • Develops and implements an annual plan for labour programs and services, in conjunction with the Director, Labour Council, and Canadian Labour Congress.
  • Leads and manages the affairs of the program, including: budgeting and budget control, program direction, working with the assigned committees, communications, and reporting functions.
  • Implements policies, plans, and projects decided on by United Way, Labour Council and the Canadian Labour Congress.
  • Supports the Labour Council and United Way departments in recruiting, placing and supporting labour volunteers in their work at all levels of the United Way.
  • Act as a resource person for the Labour Council and its committees on matters affecting labour participation in the field of social services.
  • Assist with the development and maintenance of community services programs adopted by the Labour Council.
  • Communicates with and provides education opportunities for the Labour Council and local affiliates on the roles, structure and policies of United Way, as well as current issues affecting United Way and the social service sector.
  • Builds understanding of United Way’s role throughout the labour community.
  • Builds understanding of labour’s role among United Way volunteers, staff, and community agencies communicating labour’s position on relevant issues.
  • Informs United Way of labour’s interests, concerns, position and activities in the field of social services.
  • Works with other United Way departments in setting priorities and plans.
  • Develops and implements labour participation recognition programs directly and/or through other departments.
  • Liaises and meets with labour staff from other United Ways to share information and develop movement-wide initiatives.
  • Participates in educational and training programs, conferences of the CLC, Labour Council and the United Way of Canada as well as other applicable educational functions.
  • Attends the triennial CLC Convention and the Ontario Federation of Labour Convention.

Education and Training of Labour Community

  • Understands the work of member agencies in order to communicate the availability of services to labour members.
  • Establish and conduct training programs for union members to inform members of the availability of social, health and human services in the community.
  • Promotes, delivers and evaluates labour community advocate training.
  • Undertakes follow-up training and support of labour community advocates by: developing advanced courses; assisting with problem solving; establishing and advertising programs within local unions upon approval of the local executive.
  • Develops a network of community-union activists for the purpose of follow up, education and training, and to ensure active involvement in the Peterborough community.
  • Provides training and education to United Way staff, volunteers and agencies on the roles, structure and policies of labour.
  • Organizes and directs other community or labour conferences and seminars to educate on and discuss issues of current concern.
  • Promotes awareness of the relevant programs and policies of the CLC and United Way Centraide Canada (UWCC).

Liaison between Organized Labour and United Way

  • Ensures clear and timely communication between United Way, the Labour Council and the Canadian Labour Congress on a regular basis and as needed to ensure good working relationships.
  • Assists Labour Council in assigned activities including: recruitment of volunteers for United Way positions, policy development, preparation for media presentations, education and training programs.
  • Assists the Labour Council and the CLC identify and maintain an updated database of active union membership in the community.
  • Facilitates on-going problem identification and problem solving.

Account Management & Revenue Generation:

  • Undertakes a lead role with organized labour in communicating the value of United Way and its partner agencies.
  • Develop and deliver results-driven revenue generation activities within unionized workplaces, to increase annual revenue, attract and retain donors and volunteers and promote year-round communication and engagement.
  • Creates activities which profile the Labour Movement’s commitment to United Way including securing endorsement letters from Officers and Officials of the Labour Movement indicating their support for United Way.
  • Develop and implement strategies and plans for a portfolio of labour-based workplace campaigns in order to meet fundraising goals, key performance indicators and other measures.
  • Undertake donor identification and research, cultivation, proposal development, solicitation and stewardship.
  • Build cohesive relationships with workplace representatives to share data and implement best practices with volunteers to promote participation in United Way.
  • Ensure all stewardship and recognition activities are in place and implemented for all donors within their portfolio.
  • Apprise Director of key labour developments which have positive or negative implications for relationships.
  • Work in collaboration with all parties and labour leaders to develop goals and benchmarks for new revenue and engagement.
  • Stay apprised of trends or issues within the labour movement that affect business climate or culture, and economic environment which could impact fund development.
  • Project manage assigned United Way revenue generation and community impact events.

Relationship Management:

  • Involves union members in the planning of community health and welfare services by encouraging union members to become involved with United Way community impact and border community/social justice committees.
  • Ensure that Labour stays informed of and involved with United Way’s activities.
  • Document and report Labour’s partnership with United Way to ensure Labour’s commitment is heard and respected.
  • Personally initiate, build and sustain positive relationships with key stakeholders in assigned relationship portfolio.
  • Capture, enter and maintain relevant stakeholder information in database. Effectively embrace and utilize the United Way database to manage relationships.
  • Recruit, support and manage volunteers.
  • Demonstrate exemplary stewardship by providing necessary and timely feedback on investments, program information, and progress toward our community goals to labour partners, company representatives, donors and volunteers.
  • Supports the Director with building positive and effective working relationships with United Way’s Partner Agencies.
  • Facilitate conversations with funded agencies to build their capacity around community impact.
  • Strategically align partnerships and investments with United Ways identified priority areas, mission, and community impact mandate.

Community Impact & Investment:

  • Collaborates with the Philanthropic Impact Team to oversee and support the United Way’s Community Investment activities.
  • Ensures the voice of labour is represented in United Way’s Community Investment process.
  • Lead, leverage, participate and collaborate through involvement in strategic community initiatives involving multiple stakeholders
  • Contributes to advocacy and policy change work to improve conditions aligned with assigned impact area portfolios.
  • Recruit, train, develop, orientate, and evaluate community volunteers in support of their role in the United Way’s funding allocation process

Education & Experience Required:

  • Demonstrated knowledge and experience regarding the philosophy, history and objectives of organized labour.
  • Experience as an elected, appointed, or staff officer of a labour organization.
  • Experience operating within the structures and decision making processes of local unions and/or central labour bodies
  • Organizing experience and strong facilitation skills.
  • Previous experience with United Way and community agencies is an asset.
  • 3 to 5 years of applied relationship and problem solving skills.
  • 3 to 5 years of project management or event management.
  • Previous experience working with volunteers and committees.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities Required:

  • Effective oral and written communication skills.
  • Proven time management skills and ability to effectively organize work in an environment with competing work duties.
  • Strong interpersonal skills required to supervise and motivate volunteers.
  • Strong presentation skills and a proven ability to teach others about the social services sector, the impact of United Way and its members agencies and organized labour’s role in supporting United Way.
  • Knowledge and understanding of accepted fundraising practices.
  • Strong analytical and problem solving skills.
  • Knowledge or experience within the social services sector as either a staff person or volunteer. Experience working within the United Way movement is an asset.
  • Demonstrated skill in communication and stakeholder relations in order to gain the respect of organized labour and to motivate organized labour towards the goals established for this position.
  • A committed team player who is also able to work in a self-directed manner.
  • High level of enthusiasm, creativity and flexibility.
  • Sound computer skills including: spreadsheets, word processing, email/internet, database management and/or fundraising software.
  • Support for the mission and vision of the United Way, its member agencies and the labour movement.

Working Conditions/Physical Environments:

  • Office time will be spent between the United Way and Labour Council offices as agreed upon by the parties.
  • Access to adequate transportation is essential.
  • Non-traditional hours are required due to deadlines or other operational issues.
  • Work is completed in an environmentally controlled office building from during established work hours from Monday to Friday.
  • Two 15 minute break periods are provided with one hour unpaid lunch break.

Forward a resume and cover letter via email by noon on August 5, 2016:

Lisa Smith, Director (lsmith@uwpeterborough.ca)

Posting: Labour Programs and Services Development Officer

Position Description: Labour Development Officer-2016

Nominations now open for Scholfield Award of Community Distinction

Do you know an individual or organization who should be recognized for their outstanding volunteer contributions? Someone who inspires people to come together to make a lasting difference in the City and County of Peterborough?

United Way Peterborough & District is inviting nominations for the Scholfield Award of Community Distinction. “In recognition of our 75th anniversary, we consider this a milestone year to honour volunteers within the City and County of Peterborough.  After all, the strength in numbers of volunteer commitment is what actually sustains us, as an organization and a community.” says Jim Russell, CEO, United Way Peterborough and District.


Nomination forms can be found here and must be submitted by 4 pm August 18th, 2016 to erichmond@uwpeterborough.ca or to the United Way Peterborough & District Office at 277 Stewart St.



2016 Scholfield Award Nomination Form


4th Annual Paint the Town Red Kick Off Event

On the rooftop patio of Riley’s today, Jim Russell CEO of United Way of Peterborough and District was joined by Campaign Chair Gwyneth James, Paint the Town Red founder Michael VanDerHerberg, and Riley’s owner Jim Kakouros. With the beautiful panorama view in the background, the quartet announced the launch of the 4th annual Paint the Town Red event.

On Wednesday July 13th,  21 participating local restaurants will be donating 25% of their daily sales to support the work of United Way to build a better future for everyone.

Says James, “You can tell the strength of a community by the number of its businesses that support social services organizations – a sector embodied by the United Way. Judging by the number of restaurants participating in Paint the Town Red, we are a very caring community and should be proud. My heartfelt thanks to all of them.”

Michael VanDerHerberg, the originator of the Paint the Town Red initiative added “when I think of Peterborough, the generous hearts, the passion to be inclusive, and the importance of breaking bread together, I thought it was a perfect partnership to have the restaurant community collaborate with the proud work of United Way in strengthening  the place where we live.”

Last year’s day of feting and feasting raised close to $10,000.00 and Riley’s in their inaugural year raised the second most money. Jim Kakouros stated, ““We are excited to join our neighbouring establishments and again be part of such a great local event.  Our community is very important to us at Riley’s and we’re proud to be supporting the United Way Peterborough.”


Come Dine on July 13th at one of the 2016 Participating restaurants:

Apollo Grill

Ashburnham Ale House

Black Honey Dessert and Coffeehouse

BrickHouse Craft Burger Grill

Brio Gusto Restaurant & Wine Bar

Cosmic Charlie’s Café

Dolce Vita Resto

Electric City Gardens

Kawartha Dairy – scooped ice cream only

La Hacienda Mexican Restaurant

Marty Moos

Natas Café

Night Kitchen

Olde Stone Brewing Company

Planet Bakery

Rare Grill House


Sam’s Place

Silver Bean Café

Soupcon Bistro

St Veronus

Follow us @UnitedWayPtbo and help spread the red #PaintPtboRed

Join the event group and invite your friends on Facebook: Paint The Town Red – Facebook Event

GIVING VOICE… Peterborough’s 2016 Point-in-Time Count of Homelessness

I Count Ptbo Logo

For 75 years our singular priority as United Way of Peterborough & District has been to ask ourselves: what does our community need and how we collectively respond to those challenges with conviction and hope? All while bringing together resources, goodwill, and a strategic promise to effectively invest time, money, and voice to ensure equal opportunity for all to build a better life.

Homelessness is a pressing concern for many Canadians. The question of ‘Why” resonates across this country — from the deep concern that arises when you pass someone who is homeless and living on the street to the despair and hopelessness felt by the person who is struggling to find a safe and affordable place to stay. We all ask “what can be done” or even more boldly “what must be done?”

Our community… our home… Peterborough has a strong and honourable history of actively responding to the needs of our homeless neighbour and is reflected in the work of numerous agencies, advocates, and coalitions. Indeed there is an ever evolving political will – federally, provincially and municipally – to address our shared concern for the homeless. The simple truth is we all suffer when homelessness exists in our communities. This report calls us – all of us – to deepen our community wide effort to address this issue and to truly hear and listen to the voice of those who are impacted by this issue on a daily basis.

It is time to ask ourselves what it might take to end homelessness in Peterborough. What approaches are needed? How do we involve the entire community in this work?  How do we build on and enhance the tireless attention to this issue that so many committed people have championed for years? And finally how will we measure progress?

To that end the Point in Time Count is the starting point on this journey. We must continue to gather together comprehensive information, in a statistically rigorous manner, and consistent with similar communities across the country from those who are homelessness. Giving Voice….Peterborough’s 2016 Point in Time Count of Homelessness is a snap shot of homelessness in our community. This report serves to inform and perhaps to guide and indeed to provoke collective action based on the voices of those most affected.

Certainly, this undertaking was not United Way’s alone. Throughout this report you will see acknowledgement of thought leaders, advocates, and organizations concerned about homelessness – all whom supported this undertaking. I would like to draw special attention to the efforts of Dorothy Oliver, Chair of the HPS Community Advisory Board, Lisa Smith Director of Philanthropic Impact, and Erica Richmond, PiT coordinator. The collaborative-ness, energy, and aplomb in this inaugural undertaking was inspiring.

Finally, dare we say “we can end homelessness in Peterborough”

Jim Russell B.S.W., M.S.W.
Chief Executive Officer


Report: GIVING VOICE…Peterborough’s 2016 Point-in-Time Count of Homelessness

Key Findings: PiT Key Findings – One Pager