Correen Day joined the United Way Campaign as a Partner Agency Liaison in the Fall of 2017.  No stranger to the impact of the United Way in her community Correen has been eager to assist with the challenge of raising much needed funds in her community.   As the single mother of three special needs children, Correen has spent many tireless hours advocating for her children and their access to specialized services.  Correen is active in and passionate about volunteering within the school system and with the many organizations that provide such valuable services within our community.  Correen also sits on several local committees and is the co-chair of the Local Human Service and Justice Co-Ordinating Committee.

Correen was born in Peterborough and raised in a small community, returning to Peterborough for her studies.  At Fleming College Correen completed four diplomas in the legal and social services fields.  Correen has brought her expertise to her current position as the Court Case Manager at the Elizabeth Fry Society of Peterborough.  Correen actively works in the court system on a daily basis to advocate for community alternatives to incarceration and support women as they navigate the court process and access community resources to many of the agencies that are funded by the United Way.  Correen also provides programming to women who are incarcerated at the Central East Correctional Centre in Lindsay.

Correen and all the staff at the Elizabeth Fry Society of Peterborough are proud and honoured to be involved with the United Way and are very grateful to be a partner agency

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