Casey Babcock

Professionally, she holds the position of Director of Public Works Operations, where she takes immense pride in breaking barriers as the first and only female operations supervisor, division manager, and now director in the history of the City of Peterborough. Recognizing the critical importance of inclusive recruitment, mentoring, and retention in trades, public works, and broader public services, she is deeply committed to fostering a safe and welcoming workplace that embraces diversity.

Recently, she has received several honors, including the 2024 Canadian Occupational Safety Top Female Safety Leaders in Canada award, the 2024 Association of Ontario Road Supervisors Women of Public Works award, the 2024 Women in Technology Construction and Engineering Leadership award by the Ontario Association of Certified Engineering Technicians and Technologists, and the 2023 Progressive Leadership recognition from CUPE for her positive impact on staff morale.

As a member of the executive team that successfully challenged and won a Pay Equity Commission case for equal pay, she considers this achievement one of her most significant professional milestones, addressing the issue of gender pay disparity within the organization.

Beyond her role in public works, she also owns a business specializing in the transportation industry. Her company focuses on developing custom routing options, fleet management apps, and automating processes to enhance efficiency and reduce costs for businesses. Additionally, she analyzes vehicle telematics with a risk mitigation approach and conducts incident and accident investigations, holding certification as a Workplace Incident Investigator.

Committed to workplace safety, she advocates for ethical work practices and leads a dedicated team in ensuring every workspace is safe. She implements various initiatives, such as peer-to-peer counseling, crisis support, mentorship programs, and community engagement efforts, while also revamping talent management programs within her division.

On a personal level, she is a multifaceted individual who has authored The Heartbreak Manuscript blog, made appearances on CityLine, and been featured in Today’s Parent magazine. Outside of work, she coaches sports, teaches music lessons, volunteers for various organizations, and organizes United Way events. An avid supporter of Peterborough Musicfest, she finds solace and inspiration in music.

Believing in the power of mentorship and supporting the next generation of leaders, she navigates life's complexities with a commitment to providing and receiving support when needed.

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