Neighbourhood Funding


UWP Neighbourhood Fund – Now Accepting Applications!

This request for proposal will distribute $20,000 in funding from April 1, 2019 to April 2020. 

United Way of Peterborough & District’s (UWP) Neighbourhood Fund provides small, one-time grants to support informal groups of individuals that are working together to improve their neighbourhood or demographic community within the City and County of Peterborough. This funding will support residents to identify solutions and/or opportunities to local neighbourhood or community issues and act on them. A neighbourhood may be defined as a physical place or a connection of people (ie. an online neighbourhood). United Way Neighbourhood Funding will be used to enhance resident engagement and leadership while offering valuable opportunities for residents to get to know their neighbours and engage in their community.

Details your group needs to know

  • This funding is targeted to informal groups of individuals (Minimum 3 individuals) that are working together to improve their neighbourhood or empower a demographic community
  • Grants will provide from $500 to a maximum of $5000 to a project
  • Priority will be given to grants that engage and empower youth or are youth-led initiatives
  • Priority will be given to grants that reach out to neighbourhoods or demographic communities in the County of Peterborough.
  • Partnerships with other agencies are allowed

Examples of what your group can apply for

Eligible projects include (but are not restricted to) resident-led initiatives that increase social interaction, inclusion and diversity, increase community safety, build local skills and engage residents in projects that will benefit their community.

  • Community gatherings that promote engagement and interaction of diverse residents. Example:
    • Multi-Cultural, social or educational activities
  • Projects that engage residents in building strong neighbourhoods. Examples:
    • Community assessment and local planning
    • Local initiatives that improve neighbourhoods such as community clean-up days, community gardening, mural, art and beautification projects
  • Activities or projects developed and led by youth to address common needs in their neighbourhoods.
  • Enhancing an existing neighbourhood event
  • Costs associated with capital or other fundraising campaigns
  • Activities that are not directly related to resident engagement
  • Travel expenses*
  • Election campaign events
  • Bingo nights or fund raising activities
  • Office administration costs (staffing ; rental; utilities etc )
  • For-profit organizations or ventures
  • Existing or ongoing programs/services
  • Projects that conflict with existing United Way funding priorities (see website)

*exceptions will be made when travel expenses are essential to resident engagement or participation in activity.

* if you need clarification, please call us

How to Apply

By Feb 11, 2019 at 5pm submit a two (2) page letter via e-mail to Lisa Smith, Director of Philanthropic Impact ( describing:

  • The neighbourhood or demographic group that will be the focus.
  • The purpose of the project, what will be accomplished, and the community impact of the project.
  • The time frame in which they will be used.
  • The total budget for the project and how the requested funds will be used.
  • The individuals who are advancing the request and the contact information for the lead representative.

Note: The letter must be written by a person who is a volunteer involved in planning, organizing and has also agreed to serve as the representative of the group. The letter must be signed/co-signed by someone over 18.

Following the submission of your letter you may receive a call from UWP to chat about your project idea. Projects will be approved by mid-late March 2019. You will be notified by UWP regarding the status of your request.

What happens if your group gets Neighbourhood Funding?

  • One individual is required to sign a letter of commitment and agree to be responsible for the project.
  • Complete activities within 1 year of approval.
  • Submit a final narrative report and pictorial summary of your results. (A 10% holdback applies until the receipt of your report)
  • Submit copies of receipts for materials or services purchased.

Click here for printable application details

Full list of 2018 funded projects:

Sacred Fire ($2,500)
A small grassroots group of Indigenous community members working together to maintain a sacred space created within the City of Peterborough. It is the hope of this project to bring isolated people together to remember who we are as Anishinaabe people. To help individuals and families connect with each other in meaningful ways.

DBIA/Warming Room  ($2,500)
The DBIA/Warming Room initiative is one that can be found in other Canadian and American cities. The program will see marginalized individuals of all ages, including youth, will be recruited and hired to clean and maintain sidewalks of their downtown in order to tackle certain perceptions. This will provide various opportunities of employment, life skills, motivation, a sense of community belonging for marginalized individuals. More details will be announced shortly.

Neighbours Fighting Poverty ($3,000)
The purpose of the Awesome Bridging Team is to pursue the continued learnings from our cross-cultural interactions among middle and low-income participants. Trust will continue to be slowly grown, class and cultural divides bridged, towards a neighbor to neighbor long-lasting relationship. The Awesome Internship Program pilot will provide training and a hands-on learning opportunity for people living in poverty to grow their skills as co-facilitators.   The Interns gain leadership, program-planning, public speaking, and facilitation skills in the following opportunities.

McDonnell Street Neighbours ($1,500)
A group of neighbours working together to create opportunities to grow a sense of neighbour spirit, establish a neighbourhood association and run several activities designed to consult with our neighbours on ways to better our collective lives while addressing some of the challenges we all face.

Wild Eats ($5,000)
Leta Brownscombe Co-operative Homes is an eighty-unit non-profit housing provider located in the north end of the City. Home to over 200 people of all ages representing many different ethnic groups. Their community garden will serve Co-op Members interested in growing healthy food for their families. The youth, through the Co-op’s Kids’ Committee, will be designated a large and a medium planter box (sizes A and B) which will be used for educational purposes such as workshops on sowing, fertilizing and harvesting methods.

The River Magazine ( $2,500)
The River Magazine is a community-based arts publication that provides a platform for creative expression for those living in poverty or on a low income in the City of Peterborough.

Carol’s Place ($1,500)
Carol’s Place is a newly formed non profit (Dec. 22nd, 2017) which is working towards building a 24/7 community hub for those that are marginalized, living in poverty and/or isolation.  This was a dream of the late Carol Winter who wanted a warm place for everyone to go at any time and who fought everyday to bring awareness for those who could not speak for themselves.

Men Supporting Men ($2,000)
A peer lead volunteer group geared strictly towards men who may be struggling in theirpersonal lives for any number of reasons. We meet weekly at space provided by the John Howard Society and we offer a non-judgemental, safe place to discuss anything including; legal problems, financial concerns, drug and alcohol abuse, parenting, marital issues or any other concerns we may have. We bring in guest speakers to address the group such as lawyers (criminal or family}, financial planners, addiction counsellors and financial aid workers who answer questions our attendees may have.

Youth Advisory Committee (PYS) ($1,000)
This funding would go towards organizing a day that showcases the artistic talents that Peterborough youth have to offer. This art festival, which we are naming “Voice: Youth Art Expo” would be an afternoon that allows youth in Peterborough to display their work, anything from singing, to poems, to short films or writing, which gives them their own unique voice within the community.

Summer Street Festival ($2,000)
The intention of the Summer Street Festival is to enhance the NeighbourPLAN Program in the neighbourhood of Jackson Park Brookdale (in Northcrest Ward). The festival will enhance the NeighbourPLAN Program led by GreenUP by supporting the broad goals of connecting residents to their neighbours and their community that will in turn create a more livable, active and inclusive neighbourhood. The Summer Street Festival will introduce educational elements and social activities at the event that meaningfully enable interaction and community building for a wide demographic, from children and youth, to parents and elders.

Creating Space ($1,500)
Creating Space is a community arts studio which fosters diverse connections, resilience, and social change in Nogojiiwanong-Peterborough by making art of all kinds, telling stories, and learning together among people of all ages, abilities, and walks of life. We uplift the diverse identities in Nogojiiwanong-Peterborough and highlight local resilience, strengths, interconnectedness, and potential for bridge-building between community members.

Peterborough Precarious Employment Research Initiatives  ($2500)
The Precarious Employment Research Initiative (PERI) is focused on understanding the employment and working conditions that working people face in our community.  The results of this research will be of interest to many, including workers, people seeking work, service providers assisting people looking for and keeping work, the business community, the education sector, health and social service providers, researchers and the media.


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