Backpacks for Kids

Help local kids be all they can be by supporting United Way            Peterborough & District in providing basic tools to those who cannot afford them this fall through our Backpack for Kids initiative.

Did you know that locally 20% of children under the age of six live in poverty?

Our economically vulnerable must make impossible choices every day…choosing between paying rent, paying bills or buying groceries.  September brings an additional financial stress for these families, back to school shopping for all of the basic tools that will contribute to their child’s success.

1 in every 6 households in the City and County of Peterborough have an annual income that falls under 20k. For these families and many others, finding the extra resources to provide these supplies is almost impossible.  We have developed a close partnership with our local school boards. This helps to identify the number of students in each school that will need basic back-to-school supplies.  We then work with our community members to raise the funds neccessary to provide them. 

The gap between those who live in need every day and those who do not has always existed. This year we will see an even greater disparity as a result of wage losses due to the health crisis. Our schools anticipate the need for basic supplies will affect more students than we have typically provided for in past years.  You can help to fill that gap.  Our community goal is to fund 600 of the required backpacks filled with the appropriate supplies for students from kindergarten to grade 12. 

Donate to our Backpacks for Kids Program here and deliver a lasting impact to our local youth.

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