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$5 million by 2023.

The devastating effects of the pandemic are pushing more people to the breaking point. The gap between those who live in need every day and those who do not has always existed. Times of crisis only deepen that divide, preying on the vulnerable and forcing them ever closer to the brink. COVID-19 is a blanket to the deep-rooted social issues in your community.

These truly are unprecedented times that the Peterborough community and the rest of our world face. Some people have lost their jobs or have been required to work reduced hours. Some parents have left their jobs to provide childcare. An isolated or rural senior may not be able to access medication or food. It is easy to understand how people with previously stable lives can quickly become economically vulnerable and must go without necessities or make difficult choices between paying rent, paying bills, and buying groceries. Our local agencies are seeing a huge increase in service demand, and at this very moment, these crucial local agencies are laying off leadership teams, cutting programs, and contemplating whether they can stay afloat. The front-line agencies we count on to protect people from the issues that should be #UNIGNORABLE, such as mental illness, homelessness, addiction, domestic violence and more, are more in danger than ever before.

We are a strong community, a community that comes together during times of crisis. Data shows that after every crisis in history, our community has always rose to the occasion and given back to those who need it most. United Way of Peterborough & District now asks you, please give if you can.

Our 2021 Campaign launched in late September and is still ongoing, with a 3-year fundraising campaign to raise $5 million. Understanding that our recovery from the health crisis will take time, United Way Peterborough & District have committed to this campaign, but this will take all of us. Together, we can help the most vulnerable. Our CEO, Jim Russell, talks about what we’ve been doing throughout this campaign and where we’re going. Take a look.

Our goal is to continue to educate on the social issues in our community and facilitate conversations to make these issues #UNIGNORABLE. Issues such as mental health, domestic violence, poverty, homelessness, addiction and more. To learn more about a certain local issue in Peterborough, click below:



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