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Thank You!

We announced the 2015 Campaign results on Friday January 29 announcing a total of $1,900,001…so far!

We are truly grateful for the extraordinary effort of our donors and volunteers to date and over the next few weeks we will still be taking donations to close the gap and get to goal.

More than ever, we need your help. More than ever, your donation will significantly impact those in need in our community. Without the anticipated United Way commitment, many agencies will struggle to deliver the much needed programs that offer support to so many. This truly is an urgent situation. Please give today.


CEO Jim Russell announces achievement of $1,900,001.

“In September, we set a goal of $2,290,000 based on the need in the community. Without these crucial donations many individuals and families in our community are at risk of not getting the help they so desperately need in the coming year,” said Russell, “Today, we break bread in acknowledgment and recognition of the efforts of so many in the community. But our sense of accomplishment is tempered today…not our sense of gratitude. We are truly grateful for the extraordinary effort of hundreds of volunteers and thousands of donors to date but we know our work is not done yet. We will continue to petition the community to dig deeper. We recognize the competing demands in our community but we would not be meeting our obligations to our community or our funded agencies if we did not put out this urgent call to action,” Russell added.

Russell was thoughtful in his delivery of the results stressing the importance of the work of United Way to the social fabric of our region noting the loss will be difficult to recoup without immediate action.

In 1941, our United Way started as the Peterborough War Services and Community Fund, and was founded on a belief that it would restore to Peterborough’s heart and soul a sense of pride, hope and generosity. 75 years later, this still rings true. So too, the deep commitment of both business and labour to work together through United Way for the betterment of our community, the engagement of volunteers in every element of United Way’s work, a strong partnership with agencies and a deep commitment to stewarding donor investments wisely, all illustrate founding principles that have not changed.

Campaign Chair David Martin and CEO Jim Russell

Campaign Chair David Martin and CEO Jim Russell

“If you have already made your gift, we extend our deepest gratitude. If you have not given yet, please give today and consider increasing your gift by even a few dollars this year. Every dollar makes a difference right here in the City and County of Peterborough and will help ensure thousands of local people will be able to get help at a time when they are most vulnerable,” says David Martin, 2015 Campaign Chair. “Historically, our community has rallied together when there is a problem. This is a real problem requiring immediate attention. These are real people who need your support; people who you may even know personally. Over a third of our population receives help from one or more of the programs funded through United Way,” added Martin.

United Way’s “Leading The Way” award was presented to two workplace campaigns whose employee and corporate donations together exceeded $75,000. The Top Workplace Campaigns of 2015 were:

• GE Canada: #1 workplace campaign with total dollars raised of more than $180,000

• The City of Peterborough: raised $81,001


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United Way Peterborough & District falls short of its goal in 2015 campaign, CHEX TV – January 29, 2016

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More photos from the Campaign Celebration can be found on our Facebook page: Facebook.com/UnitedWayPtbo

Real People, Real Possibility: Andrew and Stephen Jaikaran

Andrew and Stephen

Every year, we meet a lot of amazing people and hear a lot of incredible stories…stories of heartbreak and of hardship. But thanks to your generosity, we also hear stories of recovery, to not just survive but to thrive. Stephen and Andrew Jaikaran are no exception. We are so thrilled to have them share their story with you.

Andrew was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder at age two. A year and a half later his parents were informed there was a 50 percent chance he would never speak and due to his disability he may never live independently. Now 22 years old, Andrew has a job, his G1 driver’s license, and plans to attend Fleming College.

“It is important to have good friends, independence, a strong voice, and to be at peace with yourself and the world,” he explains. “I’m looking forward to getting my G2 license and will ride the city buses until then.”

Stephen talked to us about his struggle to raise a special-needs son made easier through United Way funded programs. “You have helped a person, a family, a community” he said. “I don’t know how to thank you, but I’m glad I got the chance to say it.”

Watch Andrew and Stephen’s presentation at our 2015 Campaign Launch here.

Donate now.

Real People, Real Possibility: Daniel and Margaret

Daniel and Margaret

Your help means Daniel and Margaret continue to have their independence.

Daniel and Margaret have been married for more than 65 years. As the years have gone by and they are no longer driving, they’ve lost a vital source of independence. With your help, the couple has been able to access many services over the years ensuring snow removal, nutritious meals and essential transportation.

“Being able to access safe transportation is imperative for Margaret’s regular dialysis treatments. It’s different than just calling a taxi. The service is tailored to our needs and the drivers are devoted to making sure Margaret is safe, comfortable and at ease,” says Daniel. “Some people may not be aware of all United Way does in our community,” he explains. “The amount of staff and volunteers required and the funding it takes to keep the programs going. We are so grateful.”

The Golden Years are not so golden for some seniors

By 2050 it’s estimated over 1 in 5 people around the world will be 60 years of age or older. Here at home in Peterborough, approximately 20% of our population is already over the age of 65 with expectations for it to double by 2031. Ensuring we have enough of the right kinds of supports and housing in place to help seniors is a top priority for your United Way. We will continue to support seniors staying in their own homes longer, maintaining their independence and staying connected to their community.

Our research and partnerships ensure your donation goes where it is needed most and where it will have the greatest impact.

Together, we are possibility.

Donate now.

Our Community Needs Your Help!

Quick Impact

This year’s campaign is seeing an unprecedented shortfall in the money raised for investment in our community and UWP is seriously concerned about the people who will require the services of partner agencies. With only weeks left in the campaign, an all-out effort is required so this trend doesn’t result in vulnerable people in our community being impacted.

Please donate online, or call 705-742-8839 to give by Visa or MasterCard. Visit the United Way office at 277 Stewart Street to make a donation in person.

Let’s not risk deeper isolation for a senior, a homeless youth spending another night on the street or a deepening isolation for someone suffering from a mental health or addictions issue. Together, we are possibility.

Your donation to United Way is an investment in the future of this community.


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Investment in Food for Kids

F4K Lance PTW

Credit: Lance Anderson, Peterborough This Week

United Way Peterborough & District’s (UWP) commitment to this community’s children and youth continues as CEO, Jim Russell announced a $10,000 investment in the local Food For Kids, School Food Box Program.

“Thanks to donors and community partners, this is a tangible example of United Way’s investment in children and youth. In fact, United Way is directing over $700,000 this year to programs supporting children and youth in our community. We believe by working with schools, government, business, agencies and individuals, we are building a system of supports to help our young people reach their full potential. When youth have positive support networks, they are better able to develop skills, independence and confidence, and pursue long-term goals,” says Jim Russell, UWP CEO.

In addition to the investment in Food For Kids, children and youth are supported by a number of investments through United Way’s network of funded partner agencies; Big Brothers Big Sisters, YES Shelter for Youth & Families, Learning Disabilities Association of Peterborough, Peterborough Family Resource Centre, John Howard Society, Peterborough Youth Shelter, Kawartha Sexual Assault Centre, Peterborough Aids Resource Network, Peterborough Native Learning Centre, and Trent Valley Literacy Association. UWP also ensures programming for children and youth through their Back Packs for Kids and Coats for Kids programs.

For more information on United Way’s work in the community visit Who We Are.


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Responding to the Syrian Refugee Crisis

We believe in building a safe, inclusive community for all, which is why United Way Peterborough & District is part of the community task force charged with helping welcome 1,000 Syrian refugees to the Peterborough area.

United Way partner agency New Canadians Center will be facilitating the creation of the task force, expected to be made up of representatives from Trent University, Fleming College, Peterborough Police, the Peterborough County-City Health Unit, United Way Peterborough and District and the Peterborough Regional Health Centre.

Media Coverage

Peterborough councillors add $25K to city budget for Syrian refugee settlement, The Peterborough Examiner – November 24, 2015

REFUGEE TASK FORCE, CHEX News – November 24, 2015


Wrapped in Courage

In recognition of Women Abuse Prevention Month, Wrapped in Courage invites everyone to purchase a purple Wrapped in Courage scarf in support of local women fleeing abuse.

“United Way is committed to lending its voice to important social issues facing our community,” Russell said. “Violence in all its forms is unacceptable and we stand in solidarity with women who have experienced violence and say it must stop now.”

The scarves will be sold throughout November for $15 at the YWCA and United Way Peterborough & District.

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Purple scarves launch YWCA Peterborough Haliburton/United Way of Peterborough and District’s Wrapped in Courage Campaign, Peterborough This Week – November 10, 2015

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